Assisted Suicide of Elderly Married Couples Romanticized by Media


(LifeSiteNews) – Media coverage of two recent joint-assisted suicides indicates that the deadly practice is now being promoted as a romantic way for couples to die together. Pro-life advocates warn that swallowing lethal drugs together is in no way a loving act and should not be portrayed as such.

“Assisted suicide is a tragedy and a violence that has been cloaked in euphemisms by those seeking its legalization,” Genevieve Plaster, Deputy Director of Policy and Administration at the Charlotte Lozier Institute, told LifeSiteNews.

“It is tragic enough when one person is lost to suicide (assisted or not); when a couple ends their lives by assisted suicide, this twofold suffering should not be exploited via sensationalized headlines to advance more deception and euphemisms,” said Plaster. CONTINUE