104-Year-Old Man Kills Himself in Assisted Suicide


(LifeNews.com) – The 104-year-old man who planned to take his life in an assisted suicide in Switzerland at a euthanasia clinic has reportedly killed himself. David Goodall swallowed the lethal cocktail of chemicals at the Swiss clinic today.

Goodall, a world-renowned botanist, reportedly died at 10am on Thursday in a euthanasia clinic at an undisclosed location. He and his family are using his highly publicized cases to push assisted suicide worldiwde.

Goodall did not have a terminal illness but said his quality of life had deteriorated significantly and that he wanted to die. Assisted suicide was supposed to be meant for people who have lethal medical conditions or are in significant pain but Goodall’s case is another example of how healthy people are killing themselves.

Assisted suicide has also led to euthanasia — where legalized and elderly, disabled people, and mentally ill people are being euthanized against their will. CONTINUE