Brain Injury Survivor Meets Doctors Who Saved Her Life

Ana Wakefield

(KATU News) – Almost one year to the day, Ana Wakefield is back at OHSU, but this time on her terms. She and her father, Dave Wakefield, wanted to say “thank you” to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital who kept her alive.

Among them was Dr. Jason Chang. He was her neurosurgeon and was there with Ana from the very beginning. “I’m really proud of her is the best way I can capture it,” said Dr. Chang.

Ana doesn’t remember the last time she was at the hospital, or any part of the crash. Dave remembers every heartbreaking detail.

“I try not to think too hard on those memories, but they hurt, they will always hurt; they’re like a scar,” he said. “Now, to see positive and to know today the smile on my face; I’m excited.” CONTINUE