9-year-old, Payton Summons, Dies Amid Legal Battle

Payton Summons1

(FOX 4 News) – An attorney for Payton Summons’ parents confirms the 9-year-old died Friday night.

A Fort Worth appeals court on Friday denied a request by Cook Children’s Hospital to revoke the extension on a life-support order for a nine-year-old girl. The ruling meant Payton could legally remain on life support until at least Monday.

However, Justin Moore, the parents’ attorney, tweeted Friday night that Payton’s heart stopped beating on its own around 8:30 p.m.

“Known by everyone as full of determination and fight, she fought until her heart gave out,” Moore said. “After scoring a big win in the appeals court today, she left us just a few hours later. She showed us how to fight against the odds.”

In a second tweet, Moore clarified that Payton’s heart stopped beating on its own, and she was never taken off life support. CONTINUE