Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Making Kids Smile

Robert Boytim

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-known treatment for scuba divers who suffer from decompression sickness. However, very few medical professionals have used the therapy to treat other conditions, stating insufficient evidence that the therapy works. But one Louisiana State University doctor says the treatment should be used more widely and has the cases to back it up.

Robert Boytim was a happy, active kid, full of life. But that all changed when he fell into a pond in his yard and nearly drowned. “He was recovered from the pond by his sister. Between his sister, the police that came and EMS, they did CPR on him for about 45 minutes,” stated William Boytim, Robert’s father.

They got Robert to the hospital where he was resuscitated, but the prognosis was gloomy.

“We were sent home with a child we were told would never open his eyes, never speak, never react,” continued William. CONTINUE