Veteran Making Great Strides After Brain Injury

John Sanborn

(Click2Houston) – One family is celebrating Thanksgiving with more blessings to count. Their loved one is making strides in recovery after a freak accident left him in a coma.

KPRC first introduced viewers to 51-year-old John Sanborn in March, just weeks after Sanborn suffered from a freak accident on Feb. 25.

“It’s been a really, really long journey since February,” said Janine Sanborn, John’s oldest daughter. “My dad had a fall. A very, very bad fall, so he had a traumatic brain injury after working around the house.”

That Sunday, John decided to do housework before taking his family to church. However, the family received a knock on their door from a woman who said a man was laying on the ground next to the ladder. It was John. He had fallen off the ladder.

“We’ve gone through so much as a family,” Janine said. CONTINUE