Boy Miraculously Awakens from Coma After Car Accident

Nathan Viera

( – A 4-year-old boy has emerged from a coma more than a week after he suffered a traumatic head injury when he was struck by a car in the downtown.

Nathan Viera, and his mother, Marly Araujo, were severely injured after they were thrown 15 feet into the air when they were hit by an elderly driver while crossing Washington Street.

They were rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital. Araujo, 48, suffered a concussion and was released from the hospital last week. But she is staying with her son as he recovers.

“It’s a truly a miracle,” said a family friend who asked to remain anonymous.

“Nathan woke up Friday and opened his eyes and the doctors are really positive. He was conscious and able to respond to his mother. He’s doing so much better.” No one expected Nathan to wake from the coma so soon, the friend said, and the family is trying to remain positive as he tries to talk.

“The family is very private,” she said. “But it’s safe to say that Nathan faces a long recovery and has some pretty big surgeries ahead of him. The family wants to focus on the good things that are happening, but don’t like talk about the bad stuff.” CONTINUE