Madeleine Kearns: Remembering Terri Schiavo


(NRO) – The pro-life movement opposes state-sanctioned interventions that permit the killing of innocent human beings precisely because they permit the killing of innocent human beings.

The slippery-slope argument — the opposition to state overreach generally — is a secondary point. I was reminded of this by the passing of the anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo.

In 1990, at the age of 26, Theresa Marie (a.k.a. Terri) Schiavo suffered a cardiac arrest at home, during which her brain was starved of oxygen and endured permanent damage.

Though her family wanted to care for her, her husband, Michael, wanted her to die. What ensued was a hugely controversial legal battle that landed on the U.S. president’s desk and that of the Supreme Court. In the end Michael got his wish. And on March 31, 2005, after 13 days without food or water, Terri Schiavo died. CONTINUE