Boy Making Remarkable Progress After a Brick Nearly Killed Him


(News24)- Four years ago, Caden Slabbert (12) was on the brink of death after he was hit by a cement brick while his family were travelling on the N12 highway.

His dad, Justin Slabbert, sped to the Union Hospital in Alberton with an unconscious Caden (then 8). When they arrived, cerebral fluid was seeping out of his mouth and nose and the left side of Caden’s skull was pulverised.

In 2015 Justin and his children, Caden and Eden (then 12), were travelling on the N12 near Alberton on their way to Benoni when an unknown man threw a cement brick through the car’s window.

Justin instinctively checked the back seat to see if Eden was okay. She hadn’t been injured but Caden was badly hurt. CONTINUE