Grateful & Blessed: Teen Learns That Life Isn’t Always an Easy Road


(Journal-News) — Winston Spencer has discovered that he’s grateful for a lot of things.

He’s a junior outfielder for the Cincinnati Christian School baseball team that’s striving to win a Division IV state championship.

The Cougars will play Russia in a regional semifinal Thursday afternoon at Carleton Davidson Stadium in Springfield.It’s an exciting time for CCS, a level of play that some might find unnerving. But Spencer isn’t likely to be fazed by such pressure

He’s already been a caregiver for his mother Sara, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in an auto accident when Winston was in the fourth grade.

“It’s something I wouldn’t ever wish on my mom again, but it’s helped me learn what life is like,” he said. “I had to grow up a lot. I had to cook. I had to clean. I was her caretaker for a couple years. CONTINUE