Mom Credits Prayers for ‘Miracle’ Baby’s Recovery from Crash


(WKRN) – A Wayne County family is saying their baby is a miracle. Zander Horton, also known as “Baby Z,” was critically injured in a car crash.

News 2’s Stephanie Langston spoke with his mother while they were at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. At the time, they didn’t know if he was going to survive.

Baby Z is now home.

As Cayla Horton kissed her baby on the head and held him in her arms, she talked about how simply holding him was a moment she didn’t know if she would have again.

“We had very little hope that we would get to see him open his eyes, be able to drink a bottle, you know move around at all and now look at him sitting here sucking. He’s my miracle, he is my miracle,” Horton said with a smile. CONTINUE