San Jacinto Boy Miraculously Saved From Drowning Still Needs Help


(Valley News) – A story of the miraculous recovery from death of a little boy named Ford Velasquez from San Jacinto recently unfolded in the Hemet and San Jacinto Valley during a local car wash fundraiser and on Facebook.

The story about the now 3-year old boy, according to his mother Sabrina Velasquez’s report on the Facebook site “Operation Restoration. A new life for Ford,” gave a description of what had happened to her child.

Briefly, she explained that Ford was swimming with his four other brothers and sisters at a community pool, May 29. One of her children had to use the restroom so she asked a friend to keep an eye on Ford as she stepped away for a few minutes. When she returned, she saw Ford floating face down in the pool. She jumped in and pulled the turning blue and almost lifeless little boy out of the pool. She began CPR and screamed for someone to call 911.

She said the “God sent’” first responders arrived quickly, got some breath signs and loaded him aboard an ambulance to speed him and her to the hospital. At the hospital, exhibiting very labored breaths, doctors worked to keep him breathing, but he went into cardiac arrest and flatlined. CONTINUE