‘Miracle’ Baby Taken Off Life Support, Celebrates Her First Birthday


(ABC7) — 11-month-old Phoenix Da’Vine was born with a detrimental heart condition. At five months old, she suffered cardiac arrest which led to serious complications. “She was blue. I shook her face and lifted her arm up, it went limp” recalls her mother, Monique Goldring.

Tonosha Johnson, her pediatrician, says because of this she suffered major brain damage. “The injury was caused by not enough oxygen to the brain.” Baby Phoenix was placed on life support. It was then, doctors determined she would not have a good quality of life.

A tough decision followed for her mother. Monique was faced with a decision on whether to keep baby Phoenix on life support or put her on hospice care. “I prayed. I asked her to let me know if she’s tired,” says Monique. “She turned around and looked directly at me. That’s when I knew she was tired.” Doctors told Monique she would only have six hours when they take her off life support.

Monique and the rest of the family prepared for their final goodbyes. CONTINUE