Game of Thrones Actress, Emilia Clarke Thanks Paramedics for Saving Here Life


(Asia One) – Emilia Clarke is thankful for the “unbelievable” paramedics who helped save her life when she suffered a brain aneurysm.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress has endured two health scares in 2011 and 2013, and has said that during her first experience with an aneurysm, the emergency staff who brought her to hospital were “so gracious”, and were even able to make her “giggle” whilst she feared for her life.

She explained: “It was a brain aneurysm that ruptured, and it was pretty traumatic. The paramedics were unbelievable. They’d given me drugs so I was in less pain, wrapped me up like a tortilla and made me laugh the whole way to the hospital.

There I was, bleeding in the brain, and there we were in this ambulance having an absolute giggle. They were so gracious.” CONTINUE