Wesley J. Smith: Bioethicist Wants to Morally Cleanse Medical Schools

Doctor Bible

(NRO) – Entry into medical and associated professional schools may soon depend on possessing the proper moral views as well as good grades.

Say you’re a brilliant student who dreams of becoming an oncologist and saving thousands of lives from cancer. In the not too distant future, if some bioethicists have their way, you had better be willing to euthanize those you can’t save or you won’t be allowed into medical school.

Or, you are a budding pediatric endocrinologist and hope to help pre-adolescents overcome hormonal imbalances and maladies: Achieving your dream could come at a substantial moral price.

Unless you’re willing also to apply your hard-earned expertise to thwart the normal adolescence of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, you might be better off going into the shoe business or driving a truck. CONTINUE