Brain Injury Patients Struggle to Find Adequate Recovery Care

Christian Mayberry

(KJRH) – Many Oklahomans who suffer traumatic brain injuries are finding there are not adequate recovery options for them in the state.

One in five people are affected by a brain injury, but not everyone has the adequate care they need to survive in their own state.

Six years ago, Christian Mayberry was a freshman in high school. Then, his life changed forever when he was riding on an ATV with someone who was drunk.

He said, “It crashed because of (the driver), and I flew off and hit the ground severely hard. My entire brain was injured.”

Christian suffered a traumatic brain injury. His mom, Kim Mayberry, said, “As a parent, you just can’t even believe you’re in the middle of it. It’s your worst nightmare.”

Kim was told her son may not survive, and even if he did, he would probably never walk or talk or have any kind of life. CONTINUE