Remembering Terri on the 15-Year Anniversary of Her Death

Bobby Schindler's family photos of Terry Schiavo

( – Each year, near the anniversary of her death on March 31st, I write to honor my sister, Terri Schiavo. For those who do not remember, in 1990, at the age of 26, Terri experienced a still-unexplained collapse resulting in a brain injury while at home with her husband, Michael Schiavo, who later became her legal guardian.

From the onset, most in the media propagandized Terri’s case and condition and even the intent of my family who simply wanted to bring Terri home to care for and love her. Some of the falsehoods that continue to be reported are that Terri had a terminal condition, needed “machines” to keep her alive, was maintained by artificial life support, was in a coma, and the most absurd notion that she was “brain dead”.

All of these are lies. Terri simply needed nutrition as we all do. For Terri, she received her nutrition through a feeding tube because she had difficulty swallowing as a result of her injury. Terri responded, communicated, exhibited joy, and brought joy to her family.

Sadly, after a few years, her husband Michael lost interest in helping to care for Terri. He began cohabitating with another woman and together they had two children. After he made the decision to starve Terri to death, they married. CONTINUE