12-Year-Old Makes Miraculous Recovery After Hit-And-Run

Jay Fizer

(WTVF) — A kid has made a miraculous recovery after a hit-and-run driver crashed into him while he was riding his bike.

In March, Javarrion ‘Jay’ Fizer was fighting for his life after he was struck by a driver on Richmond Hills Drive in Madison. After the hit-and-run he was in a medically induced coma due to a severe brain injury.

“He has a cut about 3 inches on the back of his head, so he had staples there, he broke his pelvis bone, and everything,” Ericka Fizer, the boy’s mother, said.

On Sunday the 12-year-old was able to see his family and friends for the first time in months at a welcome home party. He recently left a rehabilitation facility in Atlanta, and Ericka Fizer said her son still has a long road ahead. CONTINUE