34-Year-Old Man Dies After UK Court Approved His Starvation

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(LifeSiteNews) — A 34-year-old man in the U.K. has died after a High Court judge ruled that removing food and water from him, while keeping him in an artificial coma, so that it would lead to his eventual death was in the patient’s “best interest.”

The patient, who needed a permanent stoma (surgical hole in the stomach to collect digestive waste by means of a colostomy bag), had indicated earlier this year that he would not want to live with a condition that hindered his social or sex life.

But the man, who for now may only be referred to as MSP, last month agreed to surgery to form a stoma immediately after his surgeon informed him that his life was at risk.

Following his surgery, Barnsley Hospital sought a legal judgment on its proposed plan to continue sedation while withdrawing food and fluids from the patient. CONTINUE