‘A Walking Miracle’: Baylor Senior Guard Returns From Paralyzing Injury

(ESPN) – DiDi Richards could see that her mother was crying. Ungeanetta Richards was nearly a thousand miles away, but FaceTime couldn’t hide her fears.

Everything is fine, DiDi insisted, trying to stop the tears. I’ll be out of the hospital in no time.

But her mom choked back a sob. “That’s not what it sounds like,” Ungeanetta mustered.

That was Oct. 24, a few hours after Richards, a senior guard for the No. 4 Baylor women’s basketball team, had been temporarily paralyzed in a freakish on-court collision with teammate Moon Ursin in practice.

Richards, the national defensive player of the year last season for the Big 12 champion Lady Bears, went airborne to intercept a pass, and Ursin inadvertently slammed into her hip, then both hit the floor. CONTINUE