Wesley J. Smith: Jahi McMath Was Not Brain Dead

(NRO) – Readers may recall the sad case of Jahi McMath out of Oakland, Calif. In 2013, Jahi experienced a severe bleeding event after throat surgery and a subsequent cardiac arrest. She was successfully resuscitated, but her brain was catastrophically injured from loss of oxygen. Doctors at Oakland Children’s Hospital declared her brain dead and announced plans to remove Jahi from life support.

Not so fast. Jahi’s mother, Latasha “Nailah” Winkfield, did not believe her baby was dead. She sued to keep her daughter’s life support maintained. It made national headlines. Eventually, a deal was worked out in which California issued a death certificate and Jahi was transferred to her mother’s care still attached to life support. Nailah moved Jahi to New Jersey that permits a religious exemption from brain death, insisting that her daughter was severely disabled, but alive. CONTINUE