Lacrosse Player’s Remarkable Recovery From a Traumatic Brain Injury

(Richmond Times-Dispatch) – Chris Bocklet lay in his hospital bed and turned on his cellphone. Well wishes from family, friends and people he had connected with all over the lacrosse community flooded in. They were the people closest to Bocklet.

And yet, he didn’t recognize a single name.

“He couldn’t think of who they were at all,” said his mother, Terry. “From day one, the outpouring of all of the messages, the support, the prayers, the healing vibes, all this incredible energy, it was very positive and it was just kind of surrounding us.”

Bocklet, the former Virginia lacrosse player, suffered a traumatic brain injury in a longboarding accident on New Year’s Day. The injury robbed him of his speech and his memory and caused seizures. He spent the next four months fighting to get his life back. CONTINUE