St. Louis Woman’s Remarkable Recovery After Devastating Brain Injury

(KSDK) – Lauren Taylor suffered a devastating brain injury on May 12, 2019. It was life threatening, but she survived and now she is making a remarkable recovery.

Big steps are not always measured by the distance. Lauren takes small steps, but she is getting to where she wants to go. “Lauren is 100% determined,” said DASA trainer Kimi Kemp.

“She got up every day and kept trying to get to the next place,” said Lauren’s mother, Elaine Taylor. There was a time when Lauren’s ability to get anywhere was in doubt. “She was in very, very bad shape,” Elaine told 5 On Your Side. She had a promising equestrian future.

“Very competitive,” her mother said. But in May 2019, she was kicked in the head by a horse and almost died. “She literally had dropped, heart not beating,” Elaine said. CONTINUE