Fall Campaign: Help the Life & Hope Network Meet Their Goal

On September 10th, I emailed former Republican Congressman, Charlie Dent in response to his September 5th CNN op-ed on the Texas heartbeat law. In the article, he incorrectly referred to my sister, Terri as “brain dead”, and he also conflated the Texas heartbeat legislation with the efforts of Congress in Terri’s case back in 2005.

On September 15th, I was invited to testify by Amanda Finnefrock to support Ohio Senate Bill 151. If passed, it would ensure that medical care would be provided to preterm infants and preterm infants who were born with a disability. Tragically, Amanda’s twin boys, Emery and Elliot, were born prematurely and were left to die because the hospital decided that they did not bear the stamp of having value or dignity. This was despite Amanda’s pleading with the hospital to help her babies.

These are just two examples of the threats that exist against our human dignity, and it is why we need your support. The sad reality is this, our medical rights are reflecting an increasing secular America. In other words, our freedoms to receive wanted medical care are being left to the sole discretion of physicians and health care providers.

This is why my family established the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network – to be there for loved ones who are having their life sustaining care denied or withdrawn. It is also the reason why the National Crisis Lifeline was created, to be available 24/7 for families who are in crisis.

We are blessed to have so many of faithful supporters who stand with us. It is only by your financial support and your investment in our mission that has enabled us to advocate for close to 4,000 families since we began our work in 2005. However, and there’s no other way to say it: I am asking for and need your help.

We are a small organization, battling an enormous, powerful and influential health care system, backed by the insurance industry, and we need you to stand with us so we can continue fighting this anti-life agenda.

So far this year, we have served over 180 families with various types of support and help providing resources when in a crisis situation. We do this voluntarily at no cost to any family who contacts us for help. However, it costs us close to $400 per day to operate our non-profit.

For the next three months (ending December 31) we would like to raise $30,000 which will help us fund the Life & Hope Network this year and specifically, our 24/7 National Crisis Lifeline assisting our medically defenseless.

Please Support the Crisis Lifeline Fund and Our 3-Month Campaign

It is this Crisis Lifeline Fund that will support the next patient or family calling for us in a crisis, and the moral obligation to help those who are in harm’s way.

$30,000 over the next three months is our goal, and we are asking for your help, whether it is a monthly or a one-time donation.

We will keep you updated every week on our progress and would sincerely appreciate any gift you can contribute. You can also visit lifeandhope.com to see a running total as we work towards our goal.

Whether it’s a politician’s disdain towards the cognitively disabled, or a hospital’s dereliction towards babies because they were born “too early”, when it comes to recognizing human equality of our disabled, we are witnessing an expanding anti-Christian world view.

And this anti-Christian mindset is not going way – it will only worsen. It’s why we must push back! You can count on us to never give up locking arms with families and their loved ones. But we need your help so we can continue to fight those who disregard our medically weak.

If you could spend time today to consider whether you can make an investment in our work. Anything you can contribute to help our $400 daily expenses and reach our $30,000 goal would be wonderful!

God bless you,


Bobby Schindler

Please support the Crisis Lifeline Fund our 3-month campaign for our future, so we’re equipped to help the next baby born that a hospital refuses to treat or whomever it is that needs life-affirming care and support. Click here to make a monthly donation or you can click here to make one-time donation. Thank you!