Wife Gives World an Example of Unconditional Love

(Aleteia) – On Monday, September 6, Jean-Pierre Adams died at the age of 73. He was a former French professional footballer (soccer player) for Nîmes, Nice, and Paris Saint-Germain. But what makes his story stand out isn’t just his success on the pitch in his youth. He spent 39 years in a persistent vegetative state following an anesthesia accident during an operation on one of his knees in 1981.

Throughout those nearly four decades, he had the unwavering support of his wife, Bernadette, who remained continuously at his bedside. They were married for 52 years when he died.

Bernadette has given the world an example of dedication and a lesson of love. Her daily life revolved around that of her husband, who was breathing on his own, alternating between sleep and wakefulness. When awake, he had his eyes wide open but was unable to communicate with anyone. CONTINUE