A Road to Recovery: A 22-Year-Old’s Journey After a Brain Injury

(KELO) — Skylar McCaulley was ready for his senior year of college; he had passed his MCAT’s and was ready to continue on with his goal of becoming a doctor. But that path took an unexpected detour.

“Thankfully I’m alive so I told my mom I have no reason to experience another negative emotion,” Skylar McCaulley said. On August 13, 2021, Skylar McCaulley began getting a series of intense migraines. That led to a trip to the Sanford ER.

“They did a cat scan and they found out I had a brain bleed,” Skylar McCaulley said. And a much more serious problem.

“Arteriovenous malformation (AMV), by those capillaries being all twisted, basically the blood just couldn’t fall through it normal and so ruptured and then blood dumped into my brain,” Skylar said. CONTINUE