Brain Injured 7-Year-Old Improves, Could be Returning to School

(Kenosha News) – Family of 7-year-old Alex Hook, who suffered a brain injury last year after a projectile from a lawnmower struck his head, have tentative plans for Alex to return to school Monday after a “fantastic” Christmas.

Michelle Koertgen, Alex’s aunt, said that Alex has been looking forward to seeing his friends again.

“He’s actually really excited to return to school because he misses his friends,” Koertgen said. “He needs to get back to some normalcy. It’ll help him overall to be around his friends.”

Last September, Alex, the son of Kirbey and Caryn Hook of Silver Lake, was struck in the head while at recess at Riverview Elementary in Silver Lake when a piece of rebar was ejected from a lawnmower that was cutting grass near the playground. CONTINUE