Bobby Schindler: Killing Human Non-Persons

( – Decades before this mindless debate about redefining a “woman” surfaced, secular humanists were redefining a “person.”

The American professor Dr. Joseph Fletcher, who died in 1991, was recognized as one of the most distinguished bioethicists of modern times. As recorded by bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, in his article Joseph Fletcher’s Dark Dreams Becoming Our Reality, Fletcher introduced what is today referred to as personhood theory—the false dichotomy between humans and persons.

According to Smith, Fletcher originally asserted a difference between “’truly human beings’ and the ‘sub-personal’—those among us whom we should deem of little consequence because of their lesser capacities” in his 1975 essay “Indicators of Humanhood” that was published in the prestigious Hastings Center Report.

While Fletcher with his malevolent passions introduced personhood theory, it was the notorious Peter Singer, an internationally known bioethicist and former Princeton University professor, who mainstreamed this philosophy. CONTINUE