MMA Fighter Sustains Brain Injury After Cardiac Arrest, Wife Reveals

(Breitbart) – Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) fighter Cris Lencioni reportedly suffered brain damage following a cardiac arrest earlier this month, his wife has revealed.

Cris’s wife, Marca Lencioni, revealed her husband’s unfortunate medical status during an interview with MMA Fighting this week. He suffered cardiac arrest while training in Washington for an August fight that has now been canceled.

“The neurologists were basically like, ‘We have to wait to see what he can do and what he shows us,’” Marca Lencioni told the outlet. “Because he was so, so healthy when this happened and is young and an athlete, they’re not really sure what’s gonna happen.”

Cris Lencioni was released from the ICU last Friday. A video gave a visual illustration of his heartbreaking status. He did, however, respond with a smile when his wife gave him a kiss on the cheek. CONTINUE